The soft crumble of the gravel was the only sound that echoed throughout the empty plain.

Two sets of frightened eyes widened and searched the land every time they heard the noise.

“How much further?” questioned the boy, before rubbing his lips to try and bring some moisture back to them. But to no effect.

A girl, elder of the two looked down before squinting her eyes in the direction ahead. They were far from any civilization and stuck in the middle of the barren land with no sign of food or water. This worried her immensely. Especially seeing the condition of her brother. Two days of walking and swallowing only air had done him no favors. But she knew what had to be done.

They had to find shelter. Fast.

Running was not easy. Not the physical exertion of it; but moving on from the place you called home, or the people you called family and friends. But it had to be done. They had no where to go and running seemed like the only option at the time. She had no regrets. Except maybe being able to carry some more provisions for her little brother. The only family she had left. She did not want him to be taken to a foster home and be separated from the only person who could help keep their memories of their parents alive.

So they packed their bags and left. A perfectly logical move. Neither wanted to be away from the other. But as she thought back, she did not want either of them to die and become a snack for the vultures soaring above. Dying, either by starvation or death, was definitely not part of her plan.

“When all else fails, remember to keep your spirit, your heart, and you hope alive”

Her dear mum always would say these words despite the obstacles they overcame. And she would do that as well. Anything for the one she loved.

Squinting ahead she saw smoke billowing in the far away distance.

“Hope” she whispered marching forwards, fervently hoping for some sign of life, food and water. Not for her; but for the tiny soul she wanted to protect with all her heart.

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A Walk Through


As she stood there, her robe billowing in the breeze; she inhaled deeply.

Standing up on her tip toes, she stretched her hands far and wide and she felt the wind blowing around her. She inhaled the clean, fresh scent of the rain and mud. A heady combination. The fog surrounding her dampened her hair, but the cold didn’t seem to faze the silent figure. In fact, she welcomed it.

The girl stood there, seeping in everything with her senses. And as she opened her eyes; the hazel met the green. Her gasp of wonder was muffled by the strong breeze.

She had been praying for this place. A place of beauty and calm. She needed someone; anyone who could help her. Show her the way forward.

Everything was going on fine in her life. But somehow, she felt suffocated and lonely. A dull buzzing of people around her in the darkness; enough to make any person lose their mind. But, after what seemed like eternity, it hit her. The darkness would be there. It was always going to be there unless …She found her own sunlight. She had to find peace within herself; the strength and belief that she could get through on her own.

With a smile she gazed ahead. She had done it. The path forward was there; the tranquility was there. She had been hoping for so long to find it, that it took her a moment to actually believe it was there. Sure there was a heavy fog, BUT she was sure that whatever lay on the road ahead, she could get through it. There would be some wrong turns and landslides; but now that she saw it, she was going to continue walking through. In the light. The darkness now a dim memory.

All she needed was direction, and time. Time for healing herself before starting on a new, more true journey of finding who she is and what she is doing with her life.

“I can do this” she said to herself slowly before taking a step forward…..

…..and just like that with a gasp she awoke in the sterile hospital room. “I can do this!”

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Change – (Story)


The wind whipped at her hair as she stood against the breeze. She could feel the sand between her toes, and could feel herself sinking whenever it got wet.

“I knew I would find you outside” said her friend coming over and standing beside her.

Both the girls stood, hand in hand and they took in the vast ocean ahead of them. So much had changed in one night. One of them was leaving town to pursue her career while the other had just been engaged to her long term boyfriend.

“I can’t believe everything that happened in just one night” said one while the other just looked on.

There was a time when they would walk over to the same beach and pretend to guess what they would do next year or in another ten years. Teenagers casually making jokes and laughing off about how their future would be like.

Now, everything they had worked towards and dreamed about, was actually happening. But a lot more quickly then they could adjust.

But they were happy. Giddy and excited about the future and what it had in store for them.

“You two can’t just leave me in a room full of testosterone!” said another girl huffing her way down towards them.

“We thought you could handle them all by yourself” laughed the remaining two as they walked towards her eyeing her full grown baby bump. The girls continued walking along the shore, chatting up and crying at private jokes they shared when they were 10. Sure, they were overwhelmed by everything happening, but that did not mean they couldn’t enjoy a little private time by themselves.

Sometimes in life, we will be thrown odd little curve balls our way. Sometimes we can duck, other times get hit directly in the face. But we should shake it off and move on. That’s life. And moving on is the only thing you can do.

It’s true what people say, change is inevitable. A CEO, a fiance, a mother and a godmother. So many changes, all in just one night.

But it’s the good kind of change we all have to look forward to and adjust with the rest. Because let’s face it, without change, life would be pretty dull.

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A New Start – (Story)


WHACK ! Whack, whack WHACK !

Before she could even turn her head around she was met with another shower of snowballs.

“C’mon C! It’s like you’re not even trying!” grumbled her brother from mound of snow; which he called his fortress.

Dusting her coat she thought bitterly, “I’m not”. But she chose not to answer, and instead only scowled at the snow knowing well that her two older brothers were out there somewhere planning their next move. But she couldn’t be bothered. She was instead taking in the beautiful view of her neighborhood, clad in fresh snow.

When you lose the thing you love most, is when you start to realize the importance of it.

And this is exactly what had happened to her. The day of her 16th birthday; a beautiful time for any girl, was when her parents had thought it was the right thing to do by informing her that she was adopted. It was right of them of course. Her parents had mentioned the name of the woman who had given birth to her, but refused to have a meeting with her.

A crack addict. That’s the exact word they had used. But she had refused to believe it. She refused to believe them. How could she? She was living a lie. The family she had called her own, weren’t actually her’s. So, she did the logical thing she could; she ran away. She wasn’t thinking. It was summer vacation at her school and this way she hoped she could meet her biological mother. She had so many questions that she was quite sure the unknown woman would answer.

But, she didn’t know how wrong she was in thinking that. After living off eating barely there leftover food, by the back doors of restaurants, she ended her search for answers at a cemetery. Turns out, after her birth and adoption, the woman had overdosed on meth. She was found dead by a volunteer medical student, three days later.

“C, you alright?” came a voice from behind her.

Looking back at the two raven haired boys, the tiny blonde gave a small watery smile.

Brokenhearted, and unsure whether she could ever return back home she was walking on the road when she was hit by a car. When she had opened her eyes, her family was right by her side. After a round of hugs and kisses, she was told off. And grounded. Not that she minded that. She had missed the feeling of acceptance after being alone for more than two months.

When you’re injured and in a hospital, there’s not much you can do except to think. Despite her acting like a completely irresponsible and reckless teen, they had been there for her when she had needed them the most. That was a family. Her family. She had been so self absorbed that she didn’t think; had she not been adopted her fate would have been similar to the name of the person she had read on the tombstone.

They had given her a life worth living. And just as she was about to throw away that, they had come and given her a new start. Again.

This was what a family was. Despite not being related by blood, their bond was deep. And nothing could change that. She was a part of the family. They had just chosen to be honest with her about it.  And for that she could not convey the love and gratitude she had, for her parents. And her brothers.

“Just reflecting on the past year” she said walking up to the boys and giving them both hugs that showed the love she had for them; before smacking a snowball directly on their head. She laughed off as they were completely taken aback.

And just like that, everything was alright again.

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Relapse – (Story)

A distant shuffle was heard behind her as she was folding up clothes in the room. Glancing back she saw her husband folding the chair and taking it downstairs.

“I’ll be downstairs if you’re alright here?”

It seemed more of a statement than a question to her. But she didn’t mind. In fact, they were both comfortable being separate at the moment; they needed their space. As she nodded she went back to what she was doing before. Folding clothes. A menial job, but something about the monotony kept her hands busy while her mind was free to wander.

It had been an amazing day in Florida with her family. Her son and her husband; exact replicas of one another were dragging her along everywhere. Despite telling them both not to spend more money than required they ended the day buying every possible thing related to Hogwarts.


Her son, was a Harry Potter fanatic. Her husband would often joke that reading him the series was probably the worst mistake they made. He was obsessed with anything related to it. Hence, the trip to Universal Studios in Orlando.

She picked up the Gryffindor tie lying on the floor and kept it with the robes and the Quidditch set. Out of everyone in the book, Sirius Black was the most strong character her son identified with from the very beginning. He was a fighter. He had survived hell and came back. And that made him nothing short of a hero in her son’s eyes. Unfortunately, it was that particular trait that they both had shared.

Her son was diagnosed with cancer at an early age. And despite what the doctors had told them, he fought through. His love for the world of Hogwarts grew in the hospital where they would read to him. He would often spout quotations and ask them to identify who said it to ease the tension of the test results from the doctors. They would pretend to play duelling games during his chemotherapy, only so that he could have something to look forward to. And he got better. He had beaten the odds. All was well.

“One day mum and dad, you are going to miss me because I shall be gone studying Potions and fighting dragons while you are stuck here without the flying brooms!” he had said before riding the roller coaster there.It was probably the happiest times of their lives; she recalled.

She sat beside the mound of clothes on the bed recalling all the jokes and secrets they had shared that day; probably the last time they were all smiling. Shaking her head she decided to check the drawers for any snitches and wands that she might have missed in the cleaning.

There she saw it. A sleek, brown paper wrapped package with her and her husband’s name written in her son’s handwriting. With trembling hands, she half ran downstairs and the two of them opened the package, not knowing what to expect.

Her husband let out a hysterical laugh and looking at him she could see his eyes brimming with tears. She didn’t seem to notice her own sobs until he pulled her close to him. They didn’t quite understand.

“Did he know?” he whispered to her. Had he known his fate all along? The couple looked into each other’s eyes before sobbing into each other’s arms crying over their lost son.

There on the table was a picture of the three of the them at Hogwarts. And, in his untidy scrawl he had written words of strength and love for his parents which he had known they would need; after his relapse and ultimately after his demise.

“The one’s we love never truly leave us. They are always there in our hearts.

I’ll see you at Hogwarts mum and dad. Make sure you get me a new broom when we meet!”

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