A Walk Through


As she stood there, her robe billowing in the breeze; she inhaled deeply.

Standing up on her tip toes, she stretched her hands far and wide and she felt the wind blowing around her. She inhaled the clean, fresh scent of the rain and mud. A heady combination. The fog surrounding her dampened her hair, but the cold didn’t seem to faze the silent figure. In fact, she welcomed it.

The girl stood there, seeping in everything with her senses. And as she opened her eyes; the hazel met the green. Her gasp of wonder was muffled by the strong breeze.

She had been praying for this place. A place of beauty and calm. She needed someone; anyone who could help her. Show her the way forward.

Everything was going on fine in her life. But somehow, she felt suffocated and lonely. A dull buzzing of people around her in the darkness; enough to make any person lose their mind. But, after what seemed like eternity, it hit her. The darkness would be there. It was always going to be there unless …She found her own sunlight. She had to find peace within herself; the strength and belief that she could get through on her own.

With a smile she gazed ahead. She had done it. The path forward was there; the tranquility was there. She had been hoping for so long to find it, that it took her a moment to actually believe it was there. Sure there was a heavy fog, BUT she was sure that whatever lay on the road ahead, she could get through it. There would be some wrong turns and landslides; but now that she saw it, she was going to continue walking through. In the light. The darkness now a dim memory.

All she needed was direction, and time. Time for healing herself before starting on a new, more true journey of finding who she is and what she is doing with her life.

“I can do this” she said to herself slowly before taking a step forward…..

…..and just like that with a gasp she awoke in the sterile hospital room. “I can do this!”

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Never Give Up? – EVER

I’m blank.

I have nothing to say. More like nothing to write.

What should I write? About how incredibly full and boring my life is? Or the fact that I have nothing positive to say?! (I’m not exaggerating…)

You know when you try to ride a bike for the first time but you keep falling? And it gets so difficult to motivate yourself to try for one more time? Well, that is what is happening to me.


Early on at the start I was so positive, and optimistic about this blog and in general about my life. But I’ve learnt that it’s not all a rose petalled road (SHOCKER…not)

With work, and having drafts filled with posts I didn’t even realize that I needed to write whatever I was thinking so it wouldn’t end up written at the last moment with no thought. It has been happening since the past few weeks and let me tell you…I was this close to actually giving up and not posting today and putting it off for tomorrow.

BUT! If I do have to do it tomorrow, I might as well get it done right away, don’t I? (am I right or am I RIGHT?!)

We have such a luxury when we can do whatever we please that we become lazy. Doing things by yourself is incredibly rewarding, but also a lot of hard work. You need to be up for it. Not only that but you also need to be accountable for what your goal is and whether you are going for it or not.

Just as you get mad for falling off the bike and getting back up, you need to show the same strength and determination to get whatever it is that you want! It does not matter if you are 15, 25, 25 or even 55! As long as you keep your head high, and dust yourself and get back up; even though the thought of giving up comes in your mind you can look at yourself straight in the eye and say NO.

Giving up is not an option but a choice. Don’t choose the easy way and see what happens. Let me know if you had an overwhelming desire to give up but somehow managed to get through.

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Building Bridges – Appreciate Everyone

When I wrote down the last post about my goals, I forget to mention something very important…(thanks to my friends for pointing it out). This remaining part of this year, while I am focusing on my happiness, I also want to spread it.

Very frequently I have been guilty of not taking the time to give thanks to anyone who has helped me. I wouldn’t say that I am selfish, ..(quite obvious but hear me out) but just a little haphazard and airy. I tend to float about in my world so many times that I actually forget my surroundings and the people beside me.

While working on myself, I have slowly begun to realize some of my flaws.

I am always around my family, and my friends. A small, tight circle who I love and care for immensely. But I do realize that sometimes, I may forget showing that. (my excuse…it’s a fast paced world and I need to look forward…) While these people are absolute gems, and don’t mind my ways, I do want them to know how I feel.

So, what can I do? Maybe learn from my mistakes and move on?..Instead of thinking; why didn’t I? I am now pursuing my goals and moving towards thinking; I will.



A simple smiley message, a thoughtful letter, a tight hug, a regular visit, spending a lot of quality time (…keeping all the gadgets aside) and maybe a little gift? The list is endless and I realize that I can do so much more. BUT I need to make an effort. Just like any other thing.

Now reverse this position. If the person in front of you forgets to appreciate you, things may not seem as easy especially while reading this. Sometimes these people may not even do it on purpose. Now? Any ideas?


No I’m not crazy or high. Relax. It’s just me, in zen-mode talking from the heart.

Kind loving gestures are always welcome and sometimes it helps knocking in some sense as well! So, while I continue working on showing the people in my life how important they are, I do hope you will spread the appreciation and love.

Life is so short. Live it day by day. Forget the fights, taunts, and insults. End and begin each day with YOU being happy and show the people love.

If you want everyone to cherish you; you must first appreciate them. Don’t you agree?

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6 Months to Go – 2017 Goals

YAAAAS! I hope you are all as excited as I am regarding this fact.


Because I have survived! Honestly the past few months I have been struggling so much. And despite being hopeful at the start of the year, I do consider this phase to be one of the darkest in my life… so far.

So what has changed? Am I a new person? To put it simply, NO.

THIS has changed. My blog. My writing. You guys!


The very fact that you are all taking time to read and appreciate the post’s lifts me up. And THIS is why I am happy.

Since the start of the year was not so good, I do want to focus on the remaining time that I have left. That is why, I feel one resolution is more than enough to keep me on track. And that goal is ME. (there’s always time to work on your other goals…but you’re more important)

I am going to be a little selfish and to work on myself. My health, my happiness and overall doing what I love. To everyone who is reading this; no I am not being a narcissist. I have just realized that I need time for myself.

  1. For the sake of my mental health, I need to work on my writing and putting my best work ahead.
  2. For the sake of my physical health, I need to work on getting fit and healthy.
  3. I need to find self-love before expecting others to love me.

I realize that all these goals while in writing seem very deep and full of meaning; but in reality they are really hard to do. But as I recently told a good friend of mine, sometimes the well being of yourself and others is dependent on you taking care of yourself first.

While I may not have time, or the energy to finish up some more goals as I would like; I do hope some of you can take comfort in the fact that even if half a year is gone you still have half left!  There are plenty of days ahead of you to finish what you want; a year isn’t necessary. (Don’t be disheartened!) Just keep in mind that working towards something will eventually help you keep your eye on success and self development.

Everything is a struggle, but working towards it is better than sitting back and doing nothing.

As Miley Cryus sang; Life’s a climb, but the view is great.

If you too have struggled or are struggling with your goals then now is as good a time as any. Keep one thing in mind that matters the most to you and go after it! You can! You will! You must! What is that one thing that you need to focus on?

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Positivity and Love – A Light in the Darkness

Does it bother anyone how ungrateful we get sometimes? Whilst I’m sat here contemplating on the future and the work I need to get done for the week; a bunch of people are sitting on the other side of the world, mourning the loss of their loved ones.

I am forever grateful and blessed; everyday I am awake and laughing with my family and friends. It keeps things in perspective that life is too short; and unfortunately it can end anytime and unexpectedly.


While we all feel grief, and loss for what recently happened, we must continue to move forward. Walk on, show love; surround yourself with love and happiness because no one; NOT ANYONE will know how soon it can be taken away from you.

Today, it is a good day. So, here I am spreading the love.

Looking forward without the knowledge of what will happen is the mystery! It keeps us going forward. It is what makes us get up  in the morning and say “Good Day” even if we don’t know whether it will turn out to be good or bad.

All that I am trying to say is; appreciate what you have and go after what you want. Every instinct you have, even if it is a tiny nudge in your brain pushing you to do something. Do it!

Worst case – you make a mistake and learn from it. You have no one to blame but yourself.

Best case – you achieve something you did not even dream about! And that is all because of your hard work as well. It really is a 50/50 chance.

Sometimes a gamble pays off, sometimes you learn what your limit is. Either way, you still end up learning something and being wiser at the end of the day!

Do you agree with me? Can we all move forward with love and compassion without forgetting our past? Can we all look forward to a brighter future?

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