The soft crumble of the gravel was the only sound that echoed throughout the empty plain.

Two sets of frightened eyes widened and searched the land every time they heard the noise.

“How much further?” questioned the boy, before rubbing his lips to try and bring some moisture back to them. But to no effect.

A girl, elder of the two looked down before squinting her eyes in the direction ahead. They were far from any civilization and stuck in the middle of the barren land with no sign of food or water. This worried her immensely. Especially seeing the condition of her brother. Two days of walking and swallowing only air had done him no favors. But she knew what had to be done.

They had to find shelter. Fast.

Running was not easy. Not the physical exertion of it; but moving on from the place you called home, or the people you called family and friends. But it had to be done. They had no where to go and running seemed like the only option at the time. She had no regrets. Except maybe being able to carry some more provisions for her little brother. The only family she had left. She did not want him to be taken to a foster home and be separated from the only person who could help keep their memories of their parents alive.

So they packed their bags and left. A perfectly logical move. Neither wanted to be away from the other. But as she thought back, she did not want either of them to die and become a snack for the vultures soaring above. Dying, either by starvation or death, was definitely not part of her plan.

“When all else fails, remember to keep your spirit, your heart, and you hope alive”

Her dear mum always would say these words despite the obstacles they overcame. And she would do that as well. Anything for the one she loved.

Squinting ahead she saw smoke billowing in the far away distance.

“Hope” she whispered marching forwards, fervently hoping for some sign of life, food and water. Not for her; but for the tiny soul she wanted to protect with all her heart.

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Change – (Story)


The wind whipped at her hair as she stood against the breeze. She could feel the sand between her toes, and could feel herself sinking whenever it got wet.

“I knew I would find you outside” said her friend coming over and standing beside her.

Both the girls stood, hand in hand and they took in the vast ocean ahead of them. So much had changed in one night. One of them was leaving town to pursue her career while the other had just been engaged to her long term boyfriend.

“I can’t believe everything that happened in just one night” said one while the other just looked on.

There was a time when they would walk over to the same beach and pretend to guess what they would do next year or in another ten years. Teenagers casually making jokes and laughing off about how their future would be like.

Now, everything they had worked towards and dreamed about, was actually happening. But a lot more quickly then they could adjust.

But they were happy. Giddy and excited about the future and what it had in store for them.

“You two can’t just leave me in a room full of testosterone!” said another girl huffing her way down towards them.

“We thought you could handle them all by yourself” laughed the remaining two as they walked towards her eyeing her full grown baby bump. The girls continued walking along the shore, chatting up and crying at private jokes they shared when they were 10. Sure, they were overwhelmed by everything happening, but that did not mean they couldn’t enjoy a little private time by themselves.

Sometimes in life, we will be thrown odd little curve balls our way. Sometimes we can duck, other times get hit directly in the face. But we should shake it off and move on. That’s life. And moving on is the only thing you can do.

It’s true what people say, change is inevitable. A CEO, a fiance, a mother and a godmother. So many changes, all in just one night.

But it’s the good kind of change we all have to look forward to and adjust with the rest. Because let’s face it, without change, life would be pretty dull.

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Dear Brothers – Happy Raksha Bandhan

To all my lovely readers who know nothing of this; to put it simply – it is just a day where the brother and sister celebrate their bond and love. (at least that is what it means to me..) So I write, not only to my own brothers (because I know for sure they won’t read this) but to all the guys out there with a sister – or someone you consider as a sister.


As an only child, sometimes you envy the bond siblings share. I’ve been used to this. People say that you are missing out. Luckily for me, I’ve never felt that way. Maybe because I am a little anti-social or simply because I’ve had plenty of cousins; most of whom are boys. I’m sort of stuck in the middle so I can annoy the older ones and boss around the little ones. (not that anyone listens to me!) But I have always liked the fact of being a little spoiled since I am one of the few girls.

It’s true what they say, it’s not the type of relation but the bond you share.

And for me, I do love them all dearly. Sure I may have a select few whom I consistently talk to, but that is because they are more closer to my age. They are my closest guy friends, and also my big brothers to know and ask about any problem that I have. They may not know it, but every call or message they send (by themselves!) brings a small to my face.

We may not have grown in the same household, but I do know that this one day is where we all come together and annoy each other; and in general have a good time. I know that they will always have my back and despite them not showing it; I know they care.

And all I can write is – I love you too.

To all the boys out there – We know you love your sister no matter how overbearing or annoying she is. But show it! See what it does to her face. Celebrate her and cherish her. Let her know she’s your friend just as you are to her. Forget blood and relations and just spend time with her whether she is your sibling, your cousin, your closest friend who is like family. IT DOESN’T MATTER. Just show it!

Do you do this everyday? Apart from bickering do you make sure to let her know if she is important in your life?

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Flying High – (Story)

A single trickle rolled down his cheek and landed on the back of his hand.

Despite his noiseless attempt of trying and failing to be quiet; a lot of people were looking at him. But did he care? No. Everyone seated was facing the similar grief; the loss of someone they knew and loved. Thinking about what everyone else was thinking, was probably the last thing on his mind.

To be honest, he should have known. Or at least expected it one time or another. It wasn’t morbid thinking; just a reality. When you are in the army, life expectancy is numbered. You’re going to war, and saving your country. Casualties are expected.

But even though, it hurts to lose someone close to you.

Dad. The very thought brought a fresh wave of tears. He no longer had his buddy. No longer someone he could share his problems with. His mum had left him and his little sister a long time ago; so it was just the three of them. But that was enough.

His little sister didn’t know. She was alone at home and this wouldn’t be a way he would choose to let her know.

He often spoke about it. Both of them did. You can’t help but think about the last time you get to see your loved ones and hold them and talk to them; right before leaving.

“If I go, I want you to take me back home. Whatever you can find of me. Any piece, doesn’t matter. I want to be taken home and then cremated”. He was adamant. “And you tell your little sister personally. No telephone calls. My last time, I would like to be with my family. I want to be home”. His words seem oddly far away now.

They had a day before going back home. Everything was fine. Then suddenly, one shot, one life; all gone. With some courage, he glanced up towards the people resting around the coffin. Many were his dad’s friends. His brothers in arms. They had lost their brother; and the grief etched on their face was unbearable to watch. But, somehow it reminded him that he was not the only one suffering.


Sparing a glance at the box, a rush of memories hit him. They were gliding, and his dad seemed intent on making it a special day for the three of them. He was only twelve years old as he and his sister screeched with happiness seeing their dad high
up soaring in the air. He was going to work the next day, and somehow he needed his children to have a good time.

“If I don’t come back, I don’t want you to feel any regret. I did what I had to. Someday you will understand. But always remember, I’ll be flying over your heads looking after you two. Okay?” he had said looking at them directly. They were far too young to understand, but always knew. He mind flashed to his sister.

She will be devastated. She idolized him. She would be heartbroken. But she would accept and understand. Just like he did.

A sharp ray of sunlight got him straight in the eye. He adjusted the his position of seating, avoiding the gazes of everyone in the vicinity, as he looked outside. “Almost home” he thought to himself as he looked at the horizon line.

Just as he thought it, the clouds cleared; he was twelve again seeing his dad gliding beside the plane, now carrying his body.

Sparing no thought around, he broke down in the sorrow of losing his only parent and his best friend.

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Building Bridges – Appreciate Everyone

When I wrote down the last post about my goals, I forget to mention something very important…(thanks to my friends for pointing it out). This remaining part of this year, while I am focusing on my happiness, I also want to spread it.

Very frequently I have been guilty of not taking the time to give thanks to anyone who has helped me. I wouldn’t say that I am selfish, ..(quite obvious but hear me out) but just a little haphazard and airy. I tend to float about in my world so many times that I actually forget my surroundings and the people beside me.

While working on myself, I have slowly begun to realize some of my flaws.

I am always around my family, and my friends. A small, tight circle who I love and care for immensely. But I do realize that sometimes, I may forget showing that. (my excuse…it’s a fast paced world and I need to look forward…) While these people are absolute gems, and don’t mind my ways, I do want them to know how I feel.

So, what can I do? Maybe learn from my mistakes and move on?..Instead of thinking; why didn’t I? I am now pursuing my goals and moving towards thinking; I will.



A simple smiley message, a thoughtful letter, a tight hug, a regular visit, spending a lot of quality time (…keeping all the gadgets aside) and maybe a little gift? The list is endless and I realize that I can do so much more. BUT I need to make an effort. Just like any other thing.

Now reverse this position. If the person in front of you forgets to appreciate you, things may not seem as easy especially while reading this. Sometimes these people may not even do it on purpose. Now? Any ideas?


No I’m not crazy or high. Relax. It’s just me, in zen-mode talking from the heart.

Kind loving gestures are always welcome and sometimes it helps knocking in some sense as well! So, while I continue working on showing the people in my life how important they are, I do hope you will spread the appreciation and love.

Life is so short. Live it day by day. Forget the fights, taunts, and insults. End and begin each day with YOU being happy and show the people love.

If you want everyone to cherish you; you must first appreciate them. Don’t you agree?

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