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Life is all about taking a break

Hello to all my lovely readers! And to anyone who is new; welcome to my little space on the internet. This space was created for a good old fashioned read without the obvious pages of a book; a 21st century space for people to let their imagination take over after dealing with the reality of life during the rest of the day.

This does not mean I claim to have motivated people to suddenly start reading. No. I just wanted to show what they were missing. A balance if you will. Reading has brought me so much joy and solace for as far as I can remember, that I wanted to be able to share that with everyone who was willing.

This blog was probably one of the best things I have arguably done this year. I am not trying to be vain; just proud and happy that I can write what I want, when I want and look back and remember the exact emotion and memory that prompted a particular blog post. But ….. (there is always a catch!!..)

I write to share. We share on social media and other platforms so that other people also see it; read it and in turn, share it to their connections. Everything we do is related to sharing. We keep giving and giving part of ourselves and our lives; and frankly ….. I need to give some time for me ! Selfish, I know. But when all you do is worry about what other people think; you stop living life for yourself. It’s all about the little things. A hiatus to stop worrying about the blog, the student / work life, the number of followers on every site …the list goes on! Real connections- my family, my friends are the ones I needed to work on. To show them how much I value them. How much I value myself; no reason to overwork and stop having fun!

Sometimes, you need to step away from something for a more rational perspective. So if you are feeling overwhelmed; worry not. Switch off those pesky applications and start communicating. Actually go and have conversations with people which do no involve technology. Go to your happy place with ‘your people’.

Eventually you will come back. How can you not in this tech savvy world?.. But till then you can imagine being a hermit without having to physically transport yourself to a mountain top or a cave in a forest. (..though that works as well!)

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Push Yourself

“No that’s not right. Are you bored?” .. “Are you unhappy? Maybe your tired?” or the ever popular “You have changed. Your not the same person anymore.”

Does anyone get these reactions when you tell someone that it’s time for a change? ..I mean for me personally, hearing these words is like clawing on the chalkboard with your nails. Unbearable…!


Variety is the spice of life. Isn’t it?

I do not mean to condone or demean the people who like their routine. Structure is very important in life. But why not move ahead? Go beyond what you want; what people expect from you? For example, I have many days where I imagine life as a 007 agent or being an apprentice for Sherlock Holmes!

To be clear, this does not in any way mean I am unhappy; that I do not like my chosen career path or that I feel like I made a mistake. This is why this blog was started. To tap into a different creative side. To move on. I have a few ideas apart from this blog with how I can beat the monotony; if it comes up in the near future. Till then, I keep writing and continue my photography….because it is my hobby.

All of you reading may be studying or may have finished and have now entered the service industry. Is that it? Study and work. Why not try something new? Always learning; why not continue doing what you love and something that you crave? Sometimes it isn’t always about the work front as well. Get a makeover or a wardrobe change! You will immediately feel renewed…. (remember a little change can go a long way…… )

You are your own competition. Always remember that. Despite what anyone says you must always strive to be better than you were yesterday. So get up, try something new; learn something or pick up a hobby and go with the flow. You might surprise yourself and others.

And .lastly, follow your own heart and your own choices. At least that way, you will have no one to blame but yourself. Don’t you agree?

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