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What is beauty?

We all like to think that we have evolved from the idea of beauty just being an outward physical appearance. (We all know that’s not true!)

Sure, the inner beauty, the personality of a person matters. We like to believe that people judge a person based on that. But, there are people and there are certain situations where where the outward look also matters.

Personally, I’m the type of person who owns a lip balm and who loves to wear comfortable large baggy clothes. While some people may agree with me, it may not be appropriate for certain situations and places. So then why is there so much importance being given on the way we look ? Is it all just superficial ?

No. Absolutely not. While our appearance may catch attention, it is our charm and our personality that will appease people and keep them interested. And that is the whole idea of beauty. (according to me at least…)


Then why am I writing this blog post ? Because I just realized this right now. Sure, some women like and feel confident with a face full of makeup or wearing designer clothes. And I’m not here to judge. We work best when we feel good. And, I am learning all this about myself.

This year, it’s all about reflection, and attention to myself. Sometimes it’s good to be selfish! I want to look good and feel good! And it will happen, slowly but surely. That doesn’t mean I am changing myself; simply seeing and understanding the viewpoint that a lot of the people have.

And I wanted to let everyone know, to anyone who thinks a makeover, or a bunch load of cosmetic products is a tool for insecure women; it is not. The beauty of a person is already there. That is what makes them unique and set’s everyone apart.

But by enhancing this beauty; if it helps drawing people in (say, for a job interview or a date) or if it makes someone confident, then I support it 100%!

And to be honest, I plan on starting to groom myself as well. Not for being superficial; but to look and feel my absolute best, inside and out !

What are your thoughts about Beauty? Do you judge a book based on it’s cover?

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