Dear Brothers – Happy Raksha Bandhan

To all my lovely readers who know nothing of this; to put it simply – it is just a day where the brother and sister celebrate their bond and love. (at least that is what it means to me..) So I write, not only to my own brothers (because I know for sure they won’t read this) but to all the guys out there with a sister – or someone you consider as a sister.


As an only child, sometimes you envy the bond siblings share. I’ve been used to this. People say that you are missing out. Luckily for me, I’ve never felt that way. Maybe because I am a little anti-social or simply because I’ve had plenty of cousins; most of whom are boys. I’m sort of stuck in the middle so I can annoy the older ones and boss around the little ones. (not that anyone listens to me!) But I have always liked the fact of being a little spoiled since I am one of the few girls.

It’s true what they say, it’s not the type of relation but the bond you share.

And for me, I do love them all dearly. Sure I may have a select few whom I consistently talk to, but that is because they are more closer to my age. They are my closest guy friends, and also my big brothers to know and ask about any problem that I have. They may not know it, but every call or message they send (by themselves!) brings a small to my face.

We may not have grown in the same household, but I do know that this one day is where we all come together and annoy each other; and in general have a good time. I know that they will always have my back and despite them not showing it; I know they care.

And all I can write is – I love you too.

To all the boys out there – We know you love your sister no matter how overbearing or annoying she is. But show it! See what it does to her face. Celebrate her and cherish her. Let her know she’s your friend just as you are to her. Forget blood and relations and just spend time with her whether she is your sibling, your cousin, your closest friend who is like family. IT DOESN’T MATTER. Just show it!

Do you do this everyday? Apart from bickering do you make sure to let her know if she is important in your life?

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