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I know I’m sorry! Life kinda happened and some things were out of my control. ANYWAYS, I have finally bought my own domain, and am currently working on revamping everything and creating new content for everyone of you.

Some popular posts will be recycled till I get a chance to manage writing again. Please don’t mind.

Till then, I’m just going to dive in instead of getting everything perfect! I’l shift everyone over there, so if you get some changes or some problem do let me know.



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Life is all about taking a break

Hello to all my lovely readers! And to anyone who is new; welcome to my little space on the internet. This space was created for a good old fashioned read without the obvious pages of a book; a 21st century space for people to let their imagination take over after dealing with the reality of life during the rest of the day.

This does not mean I claim to have motivated people to suddenly start reading. No. I just wanted to show what they were missing. A balance if you will. Reading has brought me so much joy and solace for as far as I can remember, that I wanted to be able to share that with everyone who was willing.

This blog was probably one of the best things I have arguably done this year. I am not trying to be vain; just proud and happy that I can write what I want, when I want and look back and remember the exact emotion and memory that prompted a particular blog post. But ….. (there is always a catch!!..)

I write to share. We share on social media and other platforms so that other people also see it; read it and in turn, share it to their connections. Everything we do is related to sharing. We keep giving and giving part of ourselves and our lives; and frankly ….. I need to give some time for me ! Selfish, I know. But when all you do is worry about what other people think; you stop living life for yourself. It’s all about the little things. A hiatus to stop worrying about the blog, the student / work life, the number of followers on every site …the list goes on! Real connections- my family, my friends are the ones I needed to work on. To show them how much I value them. How much I value myself; no reason to overwork and stop having fun!

Sometimes, you need to step away from something for a more rational perspective. So if you are feeling overwhelmed; worry not. Switch off those pesky applications and start communicating. Actually go and have conversations with people which do no involve technology. Go to your happy place with ‘your people’.

Eventually you will come back. How can you not in this tech savvy world?.. But till then you can imagine being a hermit without having to physically transport yourself to a mountain top or a cave in a forest. (..though that works as well!)

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Push Yourself

“No that’s not right. Are you bored?” .. “Are you unhappy? Maybe your tired?” or the ever popular “You have changed. Your not the same person anymore.”

Does anyone get these reactions when you tell someone that it’s time for a change? ..I mean for me personally, hearing these words is like clawing on the chalkboard with your nails. Unbearable…!


Variety is the spice of life. Isn’t it?

I do not mean to condone or demean the people who like their routine. Structure is very important in life. But why not move ahead? Go beyond what you want; what people expect from you? For example, I have many days where I imagine life as a 007 agent or being an apprentice for Sherlock Holmes!

To be clear, this does not in any way mean I am unhappy; that I do not like my chosen career path or that I feel like I made a mistake. This is why this blog was started. To tap into a different creative side. To move on. I have a few ideas apart from this blog with how I can beat the monotony; if it comes up in the near future. Till then, I keep writing and continue my photography….because it is my hobby.

All of you reading may be studying or may have finished and have now entered the service industry. Is that it? Study and work. Why not try something new? Always learning; why not continue doing what you love and something that you crave? Sometimes it isn’t always about the work front as well. Get a makeover or a wardrobe change! You will immediately feel renewed…. (remember a little change can go a long way…… )

You are your own competition. Always remember that. Despite what anyone says you must always strive to be better than you were yesterday. So get up, try something new; learn something or pick up a hobby and go with the flow. You might surprise yourself and others.

And .lastly, follow your own heart and your own choices. At least that way, you will have no one to blame but yourself. Don’t you agree?

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What is beauty?

We all like to think that we have evolved from the idea of beauty just being an outward physical appearance. (We all know that’s not true!)

Sure, the inner beauty, the personality of a person matters. We like to believe that people judge a person based on that. But, there are people and there are certain situations where where the outward look also matters.

Personally, I’m the type of person who owns a lip balm and who loves to wear comfortable large baggy clothes. While some people may agree with me, it may not be appropriate for certain situations and places. So then why is there so much importance being given on the way we look ? Is it all just superficial ?

No. Absolutely not. While our appearance may catch attention, it is our charm and our personality that will appease people and keep them interested. And that is the whole idea of beauty. (according to me at least…)


Then why am I writing this blog post ? Because I just realized this right now. Sure, some women like and feel confident with a face full of makeup or wearing designer clothes. And I’m not here to judge. We work best when we feel good. And, I am learning all this about myself.

This year, it’s all about reflection, and attention to myself. Sometimes it’s good to be selfish! I want to look good and feel good! And it will happen, slowly but surely. That doesn’t mean I am changing myself; simply seeing and understanding the viewpoint that a lot of the people have.

And I wanted to let everyone know, to anyone who thinks a makeover, or a bunch load of cosmetic products is a tool for insecure women; it is not. The beauty of a person is already there. That is what makes them unique and set’s everyone apart.

But by enhancing this beauty; if it helps drawing people in (say, for a job interview or a date) or if it makes someone confident, then I support it 100%!

And to be honest, I plan on starting to groom myself as well. Not for being superficial; but to look and feel my absolute best, inside and out !

What are your thoughts about Beauty? Do you judge a book based on it’s cover?

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Be Yourself

Such a cliche title. Forgive me, but it is the best I could come up with considering that my mind has been on overdrive for a while.

Remember the times when you were little, and every adult you met told you ‘never change’ or that “you are delightful just the way are”. These words! The impact these words have when you actually realize their full meaning is enormous.

I mean … no you don’t think it is of much importance when you are young. I mean; why would you want to be someone else? Sounds silly when you think about it with the innocence of a child.

But now; right at this very moment whilst I’m sat on an office chair; it hit me ! Who am I? What have I done with myself? Do I even remember who I was? And the reason for this epiphany … interview.  (Yikes ! I know !)

Here I am discussing and hopefully showing off a positive image of myself in front of my prospective employer. But at the back of my mind I kept getting the nagging feeling about something being off. It wasn’t the internship opportunity or the work that came along with it. It was more to do with the fact on whether I was right for them; showcasing enough of my skills to make a lasting impression on them …..(did they like me? Was I good? Will I get the job?)

Truth be told; I hate interviews. I am the kind of person who runs away from the spotlight at any given time. Interviews get me anxious and make me feel unworthy. Rejections are part of life; but they still hurt despite what you think and say. It shows that despite your best efforts; there are people who don’t like you. Or that they don’t think that your 100% is good enough for them.

While we are taught growing up that you must stay true to yourself and never let anyone change you; we don’t realize that we do change eventually. It is inevitable! We always have to show our good side; whether it is for a job or finding a prospective life partner or even getting an admission in college (S.O.P anyone?…). Sometimes, people are even too afraid to be themselves in front of friends lest they should give off a bad impression. Why though? Why always show the good? Is it hard for people to accept the bad in us? Or is it their version of bad that we are shrinking away from?


I am going to continue dwelling on this further. I may end up being wrong, but it is still something I felt that I needed to write about.

We all change. It’s called ‘growing up’. That does not mean we change what is individual about our self. I will still try to put a positive foot forward; at least in terms of future employers because I would love to have a job with people who are like minded and creative. A happy environment makes you a happy person; but only if you remain true to who you are. That doesn’t mean you go around being sarcastic and rude in general.

Family and friends are supposed to see you at your best and accept your worst. And if you feel you have to hide that; then you are hiding yourself. Show the real you! And be fearless! People will accept that or they will move on. Either way, you will still remain the same. Remember, that there is a fine line between being yourself and being rude just because you feel like it.

Do you agree? Would you ever prefer to have an alter ego to deal with stuff you don’t want to face? Let me know in the comments below!


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