About Me

Hello and Welcome ! I’m Shweta, an avid reader, dreamer and the girl behind the screen.

First off, thank you so much for taking the time to visit this page. Hopefully you have read a few of posts and liked them.

I started this blog, pretty much for the fun of it. Then, as I evolved, so has this page. Reading has always been a way to cope for me. I have enjoyed the feeling of blocking everything going on and being transported somewhere different every time.

Writing now, seems like another outlet I have found that I enjoy. I would like to think someone, somewhere may be reading this blog and it may help them overcome things they might be going through; or just bring a smile on their face. Who knows? Maybe it’s just me all alone writing just for the heck of it.

Either ways, if your new, or are liking this, please drop by; like and comment to let me know what you think.



P.S Helpful criticism is always appreciated.

P.P.S Say hi! I don’t bite. If you write, or have a blog leave a link. I would love to read your thoughts as well!