Building Bridges – Appreciate Everyone

When I wrote down the last post about my goals, I forget to mention something very important…(thanks to my friends for pointing it out). This remaining part of this year, while I am focusing on my happiness, I also want to spread it.

Very frequently I have been guilty of not taking the time to give thanks to anyone who has helped me. I wouldn’t say that I am selfish, ..(quite obvious but hear me out) but just a little haphazard and airy. I tend to float about in my world so many times that I actually forget my surroundings and the people beside me.

While working on myself, I have slowly begun to realize some of my flaws.

I am always around my family, and my friends. A small, tight circle who I love and care for immensely. But I do realize that sometimes, I may forget showing that. (my excuse…it’s a fast paced world and I need to look forward…) While these people are absolute gems, and don’t mind my ways, I do want them to know how I feel.

So, what can I do? Maybe learn from my mistakes and move on?..Instead of thinking; why didn’t I? I am now pursuing my goals and moving towards thinking; I will.



A simple smiley message, a thoughtful letter, a tight hug, a regular visit, spending a lot of quality time (…keeping all the gadgets aside) and maybe a little gift? The list is endless and I realize that I can do so much more. BUT I need to make an effort. Just like any other thing.

Now reverse this position. If the person in front of you forgets to appreciate you, things may not seem as easy especially while reading this. Sometimes these people may not even do it on purpose. Now? Any ideas?


No I’m not crazy or high. Relax. It’s just me, in zen-mode talking from the heart.

Kind loving gestures are always welcome and sometimes it helps knocking in some sense as well! So, while I continue working on showing the people in my life how important they are, I do hope you will spread the appreciation and love.

Life is so short. Live it day by day. Forget the fights, taunts, and insults. End and begin each day with YOU being happy and show the people love.

If you want everyone to cherish you; you must first appreciate them. Don’t you agree?

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6 thoughts on “Building Bridges – Appreciate Everyone

  1. I totally agree and I’ve really gotten into expressing gratitude a lot recently and being thankful for absolutely everything! It’s so easy to take life and the people in your life for granted!


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