A New Start – (Story)


WHACK ! Whack, whack WHACK !

Before she could even turn her head around she was met with another shower of snowballs.

“C’mon C! It’s like you’re not even trying!” grumbled her brother from mound of snow; which he called his fortress.

Dusting her coat she thought bitterly, “I’m not”. But she chose not to answer, and instead only scowled at the snow knowing well that her two older brothers were out there somewhere planning their next move. But she couldn’t be bothered. She was instead taking in the beautiful view of her neighborhood, clad in fresh snow.

When you lose the thing you love most, is when you start to realize the importance of it.

And this is exactly what had happened to her. The day of her 16th birthday; a beautiful time for any girl, was when her parents had thought it was the right thing to do by informing her that she was adopted. It was right of them of course. Her parents had mentioned the name of the woman who had given birth to her, but refused to have a meeting with her.

A crack addict. That’s the exact word they had used. But she had refused to believe it. She refused to believe them. How could she? She was living a lie. The family she had called her own, weren’t actually her’s. So, she did the logical thing she could; she ran away. She wasn’t thinking. It was summer vacation at her school and this way she hoped she could meet her biological mother. She had so many questions that she was quite sure the unknown woman would answer.

But, she didn’t know how wrong she was in thinking that. After living off eating barely there leftover food, by the back doors of restaurants, she ended her search for answers at a cemetery. Turns out, after her birth and adoption, the woman had overdosed on meth. She was found dead by a volunteer medical student, three days later.

“C, you alright?” came a voice from behind her.

Looking back at the two raven haired boys, the tiny blonde gave a small watery smile.

Brokenhearted, and unsure whether she could ever return back home she was walking on the road when she was hit by a car. When she had opened her eyes, her family was right by her side. After a round of hugs and kisses, she was told off. And grounded. Not that she minded that. She had missed the feeling of acceptance after being alone for more than two months.

When you’re injured and in a hospital, there’s not much you can do except to think. Despite her acting like a completely irresponsible and reckless teen, they had been there for her when she had needed them the most. That was a family. Her family. She had been so self absorbed that she didn’t think; had she not been adopted her fate would have been similar to the name of the person she had read on the tombstone.

They had given her a life worth living. And just as she was about to throw away that, they had come and given her a new start. Again.

This was what a family was. Despite not being related by blood, their bond was deep. And nothing could change that. She was a part of the family. They had just chosen to be honest with her about it.  And for that she could not convey the love and gratitude she had, for her parents. And her brothers.

“Just reflecting on the past year” she said walking up to the boys and giving them both hugs that showed the love she had for them; before smacking a snowball directly on their head. She laughed off as they were completely taken aback.

And just like that, everything was alright again.

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