The Gift – (Story)

The view was absolutely unbelievable.

He reached for his rucksack and made a makeshift pillow as he stretched in, to relax and let the sun soak through him. The heat was just the perfect amount; and so was the breeze. In fact, he wouldn’t have minded some more sun. Anything compared to the dull London weather was more than welcome in his eyes.

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“Let me have some space as well” said a voice as he felt his hand being pulled. The corner’s of his mouth turned upwards at that particular comment.

He wasn’t born in a privileged family. It was a normal one. His family consisted of hard working people; and that’s how he was raised. He got a degree, moved to the city and got a job. He shared his cubicle at work with three other people, just as he shared his flat with a room mate.

A perfectly normal life. So perfectly predictable. So predictably dull.

His room mate at the time, was a beautiful blonde. Lawyer by education but a bartender by profession. She baffled him and his thinking about a perfectly planned life. They had countless discussions about life, passion, work and their purpose. They often joked that when they had the time, and the money where would they go and what they would see and do. A bucket list of things they hoped they would see. He fooled around; she was optimistic.

On his birthday, she had gone out of the way to gift him a professional camera after she found out his hidden talent.

Taking a deep breath of air, his smiled widened. He remembered being ecstatic with that gift. It was something he secretly wanted for a long time, but never had the courage to ask for. They had celebrated that day by doing a photo shoot. He was good. But she was even better. He saw the way his camera caught her perfectly; and for a laugh he uploaded her pictures on a model hunt webpage.

It seems so bizarre to even think that within a week of that, she was scouted. After her first show, she was booked by an incredible management team. And, as her photographer he saw himself changing careers. From being behind the computer in his cubicle, he was now behind the camera lens at different locations around the world.

He got enough money to buy a house in London, instead of renting one. He even had enough to gift his parent’s a home beside him as well. His room mate, became his best friend before becoming his girlfriend. And most importantly, he found happiness. Despite the long and unimaginable hours, he loved doing what he did now.

He peeked over his head to see the beautiful blonde lying beside him. She had changed his life, and his way of thinking with a simple, thoughtful gift. And she didn’t even know it.

“What are you thinking ? “, she said looking in his eyes.

“Thinking how incredibly lucky I am right now.”

“Yes. So weird to think that I wouldn’t have gotten the camera had it not been at half price!” she thought aloud as she remembered the day.

The young couple looked at each other in the eye before sharing a carefree laugh and taking some more pictures.

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