Why ‘Relaxed Reading’? – About this Blog

I had mentioned in the last post that I was done fighting, listening and believing what everyone told me. So I grabbed my pen (Laptop) and my paper (Microsoft Word) and started my journey to happiness. A tad bit melodramatic BUT I needed to get my point across.

Do you remember the little corner in the library where you could snuggle up and read, and no one would bother you?…time, hungry, worry all would be forgotten? Well this was the reason for starting off this blog.

Hence, the name Relaxed Reading!

02. Cover Photo

I never actually did explain the name and purpose behind this blog because I thought the title suggested it. I want this place to be a safe haven. A Bridge to Terabithia. The Hogwarts Express. I want anyone who reads these posts to forget their reality and what they are facing, but still take away something they learnt; maybe through my experiences or share some of their own. (I firmly believe we all can learn something from everyone)

For example, recently I had a terrible day at work! Start to end. But instead of getting angry and beginning to cry in front of my colleagues (so I may get moist eyes when I’m angry…don’t judge!) my mind began thinking of a way I could write this; take something positive and maybe help someone else out as well! After all, we ALL have that one irritating boss at work don’t we?

*eureka moment for a new blog post*

Similarly, as they say”a picture is worth a thousand words”, I just plan on writing short stories on some captured moments in my other section. It’s funny to see how a story can be spun in so many different ways and still be engrossing isn’t it? It shows the different perspective’s and ways that people can let their imagination take them.

So! For this blog –

  1. I have decided to go on a more unusual route this time when I write. I will try and link up all the Lifestyle posts of the month so it seems more coherent in a way – preferably every Thursday. (I will try my absolute hardest…)
  2. My Story time posts will be published every Monday. (if I can manage) I do have ideas about some other stuff to write in the middle but let’s leave that as a surprise shall we?
  3. Also the little Friendly Reminders are just quotes I heard or read that I feel can inspire everyone; especially if you are feeling a little downhearted in the middle of the month.

I know this may seem either too little or too ambitious to some. But I thought it best to put it out there so I can have some accountability for not writing. It may help keep me on track and I am willing to try it. Plus, all the new lovely people having a look at this page will know exactly when to expect what. (a little predictive schedule but let’s see how it goes….)

If you have any thoughts and ideas about this Blog please do leave a comment. I would love to know what your thinking. (as time goes I might even expand this little space….but let’s wait and see!)

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